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Saccheria F.lli Francheschetti S.p.A, after consolidating the concept of quality and having introduced the concepts of environmental, safety and health at work, considers it of primary importance to maintain a Management system that is:
  • Compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 - UNI EN 45001:2018 
  • Compliant with the mandatory legislative requirements of Product 
  • Compliant with the Environmental legislative requirements
  • Compliant with the legislative requirements on Health and Safety at Work
  • Compliant with the mandatory requirements for products intended to come into contact with food
  • Compliant with the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods
  • According to the quality expected by customer
  • With characteristics and qualities that constitute the performance compared to the competition
  • With solutions that give value and innovation

The company, believes that the winning strategy in the near future is customer loyalty and that to achieve this goal it is necessary to shift  the focus from product and service to dialogue and consolidation of relationships between customer and company.

The new objective does not shift or make less important the commitment of the company to improve business processes for which it provides expertise and infrastructure to maintain a quality level of first order.

A further objective, that the company sets itself, is compliance with environmental legislative requirements, a commitment to the prevention of pollution and the improvement of its environmental performance, as well as compliance with health and safety requirements in the workplace as a practice already established in the Company.


The Mission of the Organization continues to be to effectively manage relationships with the customer to build a lasting relationship.

Through the dialogue, information is exchanged that increases mutual knowledge; knowledge is the carrier of fidelity; fidelity generates profit: Dialogue means profit.
In order to achieve the mission, the Organization hopes that its collaborators will direct their energies to build relationships with the customer based on the value of a trust relationship.

To achieve results in this direction it is necessary:
  • Consider the customer as a partner and meet its demands rather than imposing our solutions
  • Acquire and maintain a strictly personal relationship
  • Be available to accept or promote customizations
  • Improve work methodologies to reduce production inefficiencies and production costs
  • Use materials and processes to ensure that the finished product complies with current food packaging regulations
  • Use materials that minimize environmental impacts
  • Choose raw materials in order to reduce possible causes of non-compliance 
  • Select highly qualified suppliers, both from the environmental point of view and from the management of safety in the workplace, as irreplaceable partners for the success of the company
  • Comply with environmental and occupational health and safety compliance obligations
  • Select suppliers of food packaging components that can provide suitable Declarations of Conformity and Reports and operate according to GMP
  • Plan resources to comply with contractual terms agreed with the customer
  • Provide the customer with continuous technical advice and field assistance


Saccheria F.lli Franceschetti S.p.A. believes that the strategy to maintain success in a market, is to develop the relationship with its customers in order to retain it. The guiding values in the implementation of the strategy to which all members of the Organization must refer, independently and coherently with the role held, are:

  • The respect of the requirements of the customer: through the immediate answer to its requirements, is they expression of a contractual will are they latent necessities, without coming less to the business objective to pursue turned out of profit
  • Retain existing customers and acquire new ones: by maintaining the competitive level, also by analyzing customer expectations in order to meet their needs
  • Paying attention to the Company’s staff: the service offered and provided to the customer is improved, also through the attention to the Company’s staff, considering their potential, their attitudes and the need for professional growth
  • Pay attention to all environmental, safety and related impacts affecting production processes


  • Actions focused on the objective of satisfying customer needs, expressed or latent
  • Attention to the improvement of the offered service optimizing the resources and maintaining a good level of efficiency of the business processes
  • Attention to the quality of the supply and therefore to the management of the relationship with the suppliers
  • Efficiency of the organization. It depends on the people who belong to it and who have strong power to influence the level of quality of service. The staff is required to contribute to the achievement of quality objectives through their professional contribution, respecting the principles set out.
  • Attention and control of the level of health and hygiene of plants, premises, equipment, products and working environment in accordance with GMP UNI EN 15593, also through periodic cleaning and pest control plans
  • The commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of occupational accidents, incidents and diseases in relation to the specific nature of its risks to Health and Safety at Work
  • Commitment to Workplace Health and Safety Objectives
  • Commitment to meet legal or other applicable requirements
  • The commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks
  • Commitment to the continuous improvement of the Management System
  • The commitment to consultation and participation of workers through their representative
The Management is aware of the importance of the participation of all its employees in the business, respecting the mission, the guiding values and the defined strategies. Therefore it promotes and supports communication and interaction between functions within the Organization in order to achieve the objectives of its policy.

It is aware that to keep faith with these principles you must meet the requirements expressed in the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 - UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 45001:2018 to continuously improve its Integrated Management System, because it is firmly convinced that Improvement is essential, to ensure a future for society and that it cannot disregard the involvement of human resources in the achievement of objectives, both the quality of the environment and health and safety, which the Management defines and periodically reviews and disseminates through the Review of the Management of the Integrated Management System.


Saccheria Franceschetti has also decided, through the implementation of a Management System, to give visibility to its stakeholders of the company's will to operate ethically and socially responsible. To do this, it has chosen the international standard SA 8000:2014 as its reference. Saccheria Franceschetti therefore undertakes to constantly comply with the requirements expressed by this of all the international documents referred to in it. The company also makes its commitment to constant compliance with current national and local legislation on social responsibility and work ethics, conventions and recommendations international, including the resolutions of international bodies such as the ILO - International Labour, Organization and the United Nations Organization. In addition to this, the company considers it necessary to pursue continuous improvement through actions such as constant monitoring of compliance with the requirements of the SA 8000:2014 Standard creating the culture of social responsibility within Saccheria Franceschetti but above all with the main customers and suppliers through targeted and continuous actions with a view to the concrete support to Institutions and Organizations operating on the territory for the affirmation of the ethical values in which the company identifies itself. All this in the certainty of the full collaboration of its internal and external stakeholders which this document is circulated. Any requests, anomalies, suggestions or reports relating to non-compliance with the points of the SA8000 standard can be made to the workers' representative for SA8000, ai members of the Social Performance Team or, again, through the suggestion/instance box SA8000.

The same reports can also be sent to the email address

If these requests are not taken into consideration, workers can make direct appeal to the SQS Certification Body (Certification Body chosen for the certification of the Social Accountability System) at the address or to the SAI (Social Accountability International based in New York which is the body that issued the SA8000 standard) at the address

Saccheria Franceschetti draws up an annual report for SA8000 which can be requested at

All the initiatives that Saccheria Franceschetti undertakes both with regard to its workers and the community can be seen within this Report.

The Policy for Quality, Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility announced here is subject to periodic review to verify the adequacy to the evolving needs of the company. 

This Policy is set out in the company register and information is given to employees, it also integrates and does not conflict with what is reported in the organization’s commercial policy.

Provaglio d’Iseo, March 1, 2023

Luigi Wilmo Franceschetti