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They are a kind of waste produced by the companies. We distinguish them from urban waste because the second ones are managed by the public administration, while the first ones are disposed by private companies.

The management of dangerous waste is based on the specific relations between the producers of this kind of waste and the companies specialised in the disposal of them.

The disposal system of hazardous waste is wide, because it must be able to offer technical solutions for every type of waste produced by the companies.


On big bags you have to put a label or a lasting mark with a yellow background on which is printed the letter "R" in black. The size of the label is 15x15cm, the size of the letter is 10cm height, 8cm width and 1,5cm thickness. The label have to resist to atmospheric agents. The label must be easily and rapidly identifiable on the big bag .

The incorrect use of the label is probably due to the confusion between the instructions of the environmental code and the ones of the ADR regulation. In fact, the environmental code isn't the only one which establish the use of that label. The transport of dangerous waste, provided in the ADR regulation, establish the use of the "R" label in case of transport of hazardous waste.

It is not easy to identify which are the waste that, due to their dangerousness, are regulated by the ADR Regulation. A univocal relation between a waste and its equivalent in the ADR Regulation doesn't exist. Furthermore, a waste considered dangerous by the environmental code could not be considered hazardous by the ADR Regulation.

In case of storage, identificate clearly each waste is fundamental. It is important not only for storage plants, but also for teh temporary deposit. The correct management of waste is essential.

Therefore, each storage sector must be identified by a sign bearing the CER code and the description of the waste, and if the waste is dangerous, you also have to add the label bearing the black "R" on a yellow background.

If much has been done for safety in workplaces by professionals, companies and regulations, in order to reduce the risks to which workers are exposed, also in the field of environmental protection and waste management it is important to act in order to protect the environment, groundwater, air and workers' health.


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